Sideman Recordings

Throughout his professional career, Jeremy Noller has been a sought after recording artist. He has been featured as a sideman on over 20 albums, and has garnered praise from critics and listeners around the world.

Recent highlights include…


Outside in Music, Vol.3: Live at Pinch Recording

Featuring an all-star lineup of OiM artists and composers: Nick Finzer, Michael Thomas, Chris Ziemba, Dave Baron, Jeremy Noller, Roxy Coss, Lucas Pino, Owen Broder, Jimmy O’Connell, Caleb Curtis, Brian Krock, Nick Grinder, Dan Pugach, André Carvalho, Gabriel Vicéns, Andrew Gould, Paul Jones, and Stewart Mack.

Tracks 1-4 feature Jeremy Noller on drums.


Robert Sabin - Humanity, Pt. II

Robert Sabin, bass 
Jeremy Noller, drums 
Jesse Lewis, guitar 
Dan Urness, trumpet 
Matt Holman, trumpet 
Chris Komer, horn 
John Yao, trombone 
Ben Stapp, tuba 
Aaron Irwin, alto saxophone 
Jason Rigby, tenor saxophone 


Josh Maxey - Celebration of Soul

Josh Maxey, guitar and composition 
Rodney Jones, guitar (Tracks 3, 5, 6, 8 & 9) 
Chase Baird, saxophone 
Brian Charette, organ 
Jeremy Noller, drums 
Michael Cioffero (Tracks 1 & 7) 
Dave Parnell (Tracks 1 & 7) 
Brett Parnell (Tracks 1 & 7) 


Tacuma Bradley - The Past Is in the Present

Tacuma Bradley, tenor saxophone
Daniel Levine, trumpet
Jeb Patton, piano
David Wong, bass
Jeremy Noller, drums