Private Instruction

Jeremy is currently available for independent private lessons both in-home and at his Brooklyn studio. He also serves on the faculty at the Bloomingdale School of Music in Manhattan, and as an adjunct instructor at Fordham University. Contact Jeremy for more information or visit the BSM website.

Workshops and Clinics

Jeremy is also an active clinician and teaching artist. He has taught students of all ages at schools around the world. Recent educational projects include:

  • An ongoing series of jazz workshops on behalf of The Juilliard School for all lower, middle, and upper school students at The Chapin School
  • Jazz outreach assemblies for elementary school students at Success Academy Charter Schools
  • West African drumming outreach assemblies with Drum Cafe NY

Sample educational outreach programs:

  • A Jazz Story – (elementary school) – A Jazz Story is an interactive musical experience that offers elementary school students an exciting introduction to jazz. During the workshop, students will gain an understanding of the instruments and roles within a jazz group, what makes jazz unique, and how jazz musicians tell stories through their music. The quartet performs a selection of classic jazz repertoire in addition to guiding students through the composition of their own collective piece.
  • Roots of Rhythm – (middle/high school) – Roots of Rhythm explores the lineage of rhythm in American popular music dating back to the birth of jazz music in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th Century. Through interactive clapping, counting, and movement, students are taken on a journey through the history of American music. From early jazz to present day rock, pop, and hip-hop, the common thread is between all styes is rhythm. Students learn the origins of the rhythms we hear in present-day music, what cultures they came from, and how they evolved over the course of history.
  • Jazz and the Great Migration – (middle/high school) – Known as the Great Migration, the mass movement of black Americans from the rural South to urban centers in the North and West was one of the largest demographic events of the twentieth century. This movement also directly coincides with the birth and development of jazz, and played a crucial part in it’s rise to become the great American art form. Expanding beyond the beginnings of jazz explored in Roots of Rhythm, this workshop looks at the epicenters of the Great Migration and the unique styles of jazz that were developed there. Exploring the evolution of jazz from the 1920s up to the 1960s, students learn the social significance of how this African American art from changed from a vaudeville sideshow to a respected art that represents freedom and equality.

Sample high school and college level music clinics:

  • Practicing Versatility – Drumset masterclass focusing on learning to play new styles within the jazz idiom. (intermediate to advanced drummers)
  • Holistic Practice – Practicing music should always be musical… this drumset masterclass showcases methods that allow students to maximize the efficiency of their practice time and put everything in a musically relevant context. (intermediate to advanced drummers)
  • Doundoun: West African Rhythms for Drumset – Drumset masterclass introducing students to the application of traditional West African rhythms to the drumset. (advanced drummers)
  • West African Drumming – Interactive workshop co-taught with Guinean master-drummer Mangue Sylla introducing students of all levels to West African drumming. (all ages, all levels of experience)
  • The Ride Cymbal: Understanding the Swing Groove – Jazz masterclass focusing on the role of the drummer and how the entire ensemble is responsible for the time and groove. (beginner to advanced jazz students)
  • Introduction to Jazz Listening – Introducing students to the basic styles and eras of jazz music, discussing how jazz is created and what to listen for. (beginner jazz students)

Please contact Jeremy to request a full curriculum vitae and current offerings.