On TV…

Featured Interview – TV Cultura, Brazil – June, 2013
An interview I did while at Juilliard for Brazil’s TV Cultura. The series focuses on some of the top universities in the US and their cross-cultural exchanges with Brazil.
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On the radio…

Featured Interview – WBGO’s The Checkout – May 8, 2012
An interview and encore broadcast of “Don’t Be Scurred” featured among highlights from the 2012 JAM Festival on Josh Jackson’s The Checkout.
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Juilliard Jazz Artist Diploma Ensemble Live on WBGO – April 10, 2012
A live performance in the WBGO studios for the 2012 Jazz Appreciation Month Festival featuring The Juilliard Jazz Artist Diploma.
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In the press…

“Noller is a tasteful drummer, playing hard where required, but more often than not relying on instrumentation and polyrhythm to get his point across.”

“If all music bears the stamp of its inspiration then the trick to a performer’s success is to take those inspirations and create something new and unique. Noller has succeeded admirably with Music Notes, delivering a very solid debut effort.”
– Greg Simmons (All About Jazz)
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“What makes Noller’s debut equally impressive are not just his percussion skills, but his knowledge of the music and the spirit that’s articulated by his talented band.”

“Noller is a true jazz man—whether by way of Libertyville, the music of West Africa, or the spirit of 52nd street.”
– Mark F. Turner (All About Jazz)
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“Jeremy Noller’s new CD ‘Music Notes’ is joyously notable music. Jeremy’s groovy compositions are beautifully performed by his cohorts and his hip drumming unifies and propels it all. Check it out.”
– John Riley (drummer/educator/author)

“Jeremy Noller has produced one of the freshest CDs I’ve heard this year, it reaches across the barrier from jazz into world music.”  “…fresh, unpredictable and beautiful.”
– Bunky Green (saxophonist/educator)

“With the ability to regenerate a traditional concept into a modern configuration, Noller keeps his listener’s intrigue in the very bi-lingual palm of his hand.”

“…his album is contagiously jubilant and successfully clears the preoccupied mind of its woes and strains.”
– Knocks From The Underground

Featured article in the Pioneer Press Libertyville Review